You are currently viewing Free Facebook for Globe and TM Latest Update 2022

Free Facebook for Globe and TM Latest Update 2022

Globe & TM Free Facebook Latest Update 2022

I’ll show you how to free facebook for globe and tm network.

Using google chrome browser from your smartphone, from android to IOS.

You can also try other preferred browsers. 😉

Is this Legal?

Yes its legal, this free facebook is legally allowed on globe and tm users as part of their program or promo. Either.

Philippines Only

This is only available in the Philippines. Unfortunately, this is not available in other countries.

Can’t View Photos

Paalala, hindi po tayo nakakapag view ng pictures or photos kasi freemode lang po siya ng globe and tm networks.

Send Messages and Photos/pictures Only

Ang magagawa lang po natin is makapag send ng messages at photos lang po. Yun lang.

Ito po ang steps:

1. Add APN by following this steps, go to phone Settings

2. Go to “Connections >> Mobile Networks >> Access Points names”. this phone settings may vary upon your smartphones.

3. Tap“Add or Add APN”.

4. Add this settings

APN name: Globe and TM (but any name is ok, nothing important)
Authentication type: PAP
APN type: default,supl
APN protocol: IPv4
APN roaming protocol: IPv4

Watch video tutorial


This is for educational purposes only. If this is not working in your area or location. Maybe the reason is lack of network coverage. I’m using wifi due to lack of network coverage as you can see it on my screen but this is the exact steps to access the free facebook for globe and tm networks from your smartphone using chrome browser. Thanks

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