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How To Get Keywords From Youtube Video

How To See Tags On YouTube Videos And Channels w/ Chrome

Learn How To See Tags on YouTube Videos and Channels w/ Chrome! Looking at other channel’s tags are helpful in helping you in learning a tagging strategy! How do you come up with video tags?

How to see YouTube video tags. In this tutorial I show you how to find and view the tags for any video on YouTube. Viewing a YouTube videos tags is a great way to do SEO research for your videos. While I do not recommend copying video tags, I think this method is a great way to see what other YouTubers are using and also see what YouTube SEO tips are working…

Find YouTube Video Tags;
1. Go to the video on YouTube

2. Right click on the YouTube video page. Make sure you
right click on the webpage, not the video.

3. When to right click select View Page Source

4. Once the page source opens, search Keywords

5. The second match for Keywords will contain a list of
all the tags used on that video. This match should look
like this;


6. You can now see each tag for that video. Each tag will be separated by a comma (,)…

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